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Special - Any Given Day & The Blessing

Purchase both CD's - "Any Given Day" and "The Blessing" and save $13!
AU $37.00

Jay & Helena - Any Given Day

This is Jay and Helena's new CD and includes music charts for all the songs on the CD ROM portion. It also has the charts in Finale so you can change the key. Most of these songs were penned while going through a joyful but long, traumatic journey having premature twin girls. One of Jay & Helena's daughters stayed in hospital for over six months. The feelings of contradiction; trusting in God in the middle of what seemed hopeless, while still singing at church week after week bought these songs into statements of faith. These songs are what they believed to be true of God even though the circumstances wanted to say otherwise. In the end, what they knew to be true, is that God is good.
AU $25.00

Barry Mckay - The Blessing

Occasionally when someone sings you instantly understand their heart. Lyrics seem almost superfluous and unnecessary. Barry McKay delivers the performance of a lifetime, with songs that would give the weariest of hearts hope. All of proceeds go to the underprivileged in India helping children and providing an avenue for all to hear the gospel message.
AU $25.00