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Search for Life


Participant Feedback 

'I've been a Christian for four years but feel only now through this course do I actually understand the Good News."

"I finally understand why I act the way I do!"

"A real eye opener! The re-awakening of the Holy Spirit's power in my life."

"Great! And to unchurched people it would come across as: Pastor, you're real and not false, I can stay and listen without feeling Bible-bashed, but not only that, I can see how much Jesus cares."


Search for Life

Human beings are spectacular, puzzling, brilliant and broken.

Why do so many contradictions exist in our lives?

Everyone needs to understand the power of our internal cry for acceptance, value and belonging.   Everyone needs to understand the cause of our most basic struggles and find a solution to them.

Without insight and answers to the human dilemma individuals resort to inadequate and destructive patterns of behaviour to address feelings of low self esteem, inadequacy, emptiness and insecurity.  This program identifies the cause of so many human tensions and introduces participants to the healing power of truth in a caring and safe environment.

This program can also be a great follow on from the Alpha Program.

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Search for Life Testimonial - Jen Baile

Search for Life Testimonial - Rhonda Gardener


Session Information

Life in Conflict

This session aims to build the tension of the big questions in life. It introduces participants to the mind and heart attitudes necessary for growth and change to occur and it introduces the Arena of Healing which provides a visual image to help participants in their personal decision to engage the process of healing.


Knowing Yourself by Creation

This session aims to lay theological foundations on origins and the character of God. It explains why people are wired for relationship, establishes God as our source of life and our deepest cry, and it introduces the impact of learning through reflection.


Knowing Yourself by the Fall

This session provides a foundational teaching of 'the fall'. It explores the consequences of 'the fall' in understanding our brokenness and it seeks to identify 'performance' and 'approval of others' as ways of coping with shame. It also introduces the concept of 'personal truth'.


Set up for Addiction

This session aims to explain how the wounded soul is set up for addiction, describe the cycle of addiction, outline some of the expressions of addiction/compulsion, and summarises the process of healing.


Trying Hard to Measure Up

This session seeks to develop appreciation for the importance of our thinking, to describe the indicators and results of 'try hard' behaviour and to present an answer to trying hard to measure up - justification.


The Need to be Liked

This session aims to review the importance of personal truths and of renewing the mind, to teach the dynamics of approval addiction, to describe the symptoms and results of approval addiction, and to explain God's answer to approval addiction - reconciliation.


Healing and Spiritual Warfare

This session aims to briefly examine the mandate of Jesus' authority to heal, to emphasise the spiritual aspect necessary for healing, to explore the development of 'strongholds' in our lives, and to explain key elements in the healing process.


Feeling Hopeless

The aim of this session is to explain the difference between guilt and shame, to describe the impact of shame, to explain God's answer to shame - regeneration, and to offer hope for change.


Blaming and Punishing

The aim of this session is to identify more misbeliefs and lies that affect our sense of identify, to describe the symptoms and results of a blaming and punishing mindset and to explain God's answer to the fear of punishment - propitiation.


The Power to do What's Right

This final session seeks to explain the strategic roles of the will and human spirit in decision making, to describe the keys to change via intimacy with Jesus and to sum up the opportunity for change and provide direction for it.



Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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