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Search for Intimacy


Participant Feedback

"Fantastic, informative, exactly what I need to hear & wanted to hear..." 

"Group sessions very helpful by being able to share problems and talk them through.  To know that I'm not the only one going through the same issues". 

"Mostly I have gained a terrific insight, completely different perspective on God and relationships".


Search for Intimacy

Sex is a part of life. Managed rightly, it is a profound blessing.  Managed poorly, it is a source of pain and distress.  People need more than rules about sex; they need a theology of sex that empowers them to live successfully in a sex-crazy environment.  This course is directed at the needs of the young singles, the parents trying to raise them and "single again" people who are not so young.


Session Information

Welcome to the War Zone

This session looks at the second most important decision you will make in your life flowing from your cry for intimacy 'will I ever get married?' and 'If I do, who to?'


The Origin of Sex

This session answers the questions 'where did sex come from?' and 'how did it ever come to exist?'.


The Power of Sex

This session unveils the power of sex and points out that if we don't understand the power of sex, we WILL express it in circumstances that are not the way God is calling us to express it and the outcome will always be hurtful.


Six Empowering Principles

In this session Dr Allan Meyer reveals six principles that he discovered when he sought a bible centred self-discovery of an appropriate expression of sexuality.


Deadly Dating

This session explores the concept of virginity as being an idea or attitude and not just that a person has not had sex. It touches on who is responsible for guarding virginity, the defective practice of 'dating', and the seven dangerous consequences of 'pairing off'.


How Far Can I Go?

This session calls you to maintain a spirit of virginity - separated to God's purposes.


Safe Sex

This session looks at the principles of marriage and helps bring understanding of the covenant. It also looks at preparing for a life of intimacy and the elements of preparation.


How Will I Know?

This session explores 5 key factors that will help you know when it is God, revealing that you will know because you possess a passionate desire to be in a marriage relationship with that other person.



This session looks at repentence and the issues involved in the healing process. It also looks at 'where to from here?'


Helping our local communities find Christ through their brokenness remains one of the greatest untapped evangelistic tools available to the church today.

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