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The power to do what's right (DVD)

There are so many pressures in life to do the wrong thing. Society often pressures us in an unhelpful way, our thoughts and emotions can pull us in unhealthy directions and our bodily passions and appetites can lead us to destructive choices. Despite all these unhelpful pressures there is a source of power to chose what is right. This session unpacks the key to a successful and God pleasing life.
NZ $22.00

The Great Debate (DVD)

More and more Australians are willing to describe themselves as atheists. In this interesting encounter Dr. Allan Meyer debates the existence of God with Dr. John Perkins, founder of the Secular Party and spokesman for the Australian Atheists Foundation. How can we know God exists? Why believe Christianity above other religions? What do atheists stand for? A useful tool for getting great conversations started about spiritual things.
NZ $22.00

Israel, Islam and the Middle East (DVD)

One of the most distressing conflicts in the world today is the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians over how to live together and who owns the land. How did this conflict arise and how can this conflict be resolved? In this DVD message Allan Meyer seeks to explore 4,000 years of history from Abraham to today. When you hear this message and watch the history unfold you will understand better why the Bible says “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” Psalm 122:6
NZ $22.00

From Judge to Father (DVD)

People often get nervous when God gets into the conversation. Why is that?

What is it about God that makes people want to avoid an encounter with Him? Something has happened within the human soul that makes us humanity in general fearful of a close relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.

In this message we will explore the cause of that disquiet and come to a most amazing and liberating discovery. You were created for a Dining Room, a Lounge Room and a Bed Room - not a Court Room. You are about to discover that it’s safe to come home.

NZ $22.00

What if I married the Wrong Person? (DVD)

This is a message every married person will need to hear at some time in their life - and the sooner the better.

Harbouring the suspicion that you may have married the wrong person will poison your relationship. It will undermine your hope for the future and drain away your capacity to face the challenges of marriage with total commitment. It’s hard to commit to doing futile work.

So if you’ve ever silently wondered if you married the wrong person it’s time to find out once and for all. Knowing the answer to this question will revolutionize your life.

NZ $22.00

Breakthrough with Prayer & Fasting (CD)

There are times in life when you just MUST have a breakthrough. God has given us a means whereby the desperate can choose to lift their cry for help to a place of potency that breaks through - the practice of Prayer mixed with Fasting. This CD lays out the theology of Fasting and Prayer – explaining why fasting has such potency, and how to undertake a season of fasting and prayer
NZ $12.00

Sexual Wholeness in a Sex Crazy World (2CD's)

Every one of us is profoundly affected by the culture in which we live. For decades, our culture has pursued a policy of sexual self determination. It is based on a near-total ignorance of what sex is, where it came from and what it means in human relationships.
NZ $22.00

Elements of a Healthy Church (2 CD's)

The Apostle Paul gave some priceless advice to the church at Thessalonica that every church needs to hear today. In every church there are real believers in Jesus whose lives are out of order in some area, whose souls have been damaged in life crisis of some kind, or who are so stuck in a rut as to be described as “strengthless”.

God loves these people and the gospel is supposed to bring them help BUT they need special attention and the Apostle Paul knew the kind of special attention they need.

If you want your church to be a place where wounded people can get strong and healthy in Christ you MUST embrace these essentials elements. There is no alternative.

NZ $22.00

Tools for Life (2 CD's)

These four messages are designed to help a person understand what it takes to progress from being someone who merely exists to being a person who lives a life that makes a difference. Life is a profession and every profession demands these four tools: 1. Vision – discover what vision is, how it works and how to get it 2. Convictions – discover the power and importance of convictions 3. Discipline – its not enough to know what to do, you have to have the power to do it 4. Endurance – once you have begun to do what you need to do, learn how to keep doing it until you win.
NZ $22.00