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Valiant Man - DVD Program

10 sessions on DVD, 1 Becoming a Valiant Man DVD, 1 Valiant Man Facilitator Training DVD, 1 Facilitators Manual, 1 Participants Manual (not to be photocopied), 1 Lifekeys Info Booklet, 1 Policy and Procedure Manual, 1 Licence Agreement
USD $395.00

NEW - Valiant Man Facilitator Training DVD **included in the VLM program

There are key protocols involved in facilitating the Valiant Man program that must be followed if the program is to give men the experience they need and deserve. This shortened training DVD will give Facilitators unfamiliar with the Lifekeys processes an opportunity to ensure the program is run safely and appropriately. Do not run the Valiant Man program until those who will have responsibility for being leaders in the small group process have had an opporunity to sit together and digest the basic training contained in this DVD.
USD $30.00

Becoming a Valiant Man DVD **included in the Valiant Man program**

This 1 hr DVD gives a profoundly important overview of the dynamics of male sexuality and presents vital insights necessary for restoring and fortifying the moral and spiritual integrity of men. Ideal both for individual use and for presentation to men's groups.
USD $20.00

Valiant Man - Facilitators Manual

One manual is required for each facilitator of the program
USD $25.00

Valiant Man - Participants Manual

One manual is required for each participant of the program
USD $22.00